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A highly aromatic spice with a sweet exotic taste. The green cardamom is mixed together with roasted coffe beans for the preparation of the refreshing Arabian coffee called Gahwa. It is believed that cardamom has a cooling effect on the body to help endure the high temperatures of the Arabian summer. It is also believed to be an aphrodisiac.

The grinded seed is used in Scandinavian countries to add flavor to pastries, buns and other baked goods. In Sweden, it is more widely used than cinnamon. In Norway, grounded cardamom frequently adds flavor to hamburgers and meat loaf. In Germany, it is used for seasoning sausages. In India, cardamom is an important spice for cooking and is an essential ingredient in East Indian curry. In Japan, it is used in curry powder.

An essential oil is obtained through stem distillation. This oil is used in medicines as a carminative, in liquors, perfumes, and even to flavor tobacco, chewing gum and candy. Please click here or on the EXTRACT logo for more information on these products.